Working Papers 9-2015

"Fighting exclusivity clauses in the market of
remittances", by Íñigo Moré

During the latest decade, not less than 20 countries that receive remittances have forbidden exclusivity
clauses in the field of money transfer.  Those clauses are imposed worldwide by two Money Transfer
companies with the objective of preventing that their agents work with other Money Transfer companies.  
The countries that have opposed exclusivity clauses did it because they consider that they restrict
competition and increase prices with a negative impact for the consumer. The purpose of this article is to
provide a high-level view of the fight against abusive exclusivity clauses in Money Transfer through a general
review of several cases. This text is a condensed and non-technical version of an exhaustive analysis that will
be published shortly.

Download here the working paper
"Fighting exclusivity clauses in the market of remittances"